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What is the startup landscape?

A comprehensive deep-dive into and report on the 19 startups building novel businesses producing food and biomaterials using cell cultures. Radicle’s 104-page report is based on first-hand insights from founders and management teams, providing a unique perspective on how companies differentiate and what can be learned from how they run their businesses. Specifically, the report can help you understand:

How do the startups compare?

Why are investors backing these startups?

Meat consumption is a severe global problem, presenting dangers to the environment and the sustainability of our food supply. To solve these important problems and those related to other animal products (like leather, silk, and dairy), companies are exploring novel ways to produce replacements. While plant-based alternatives have long been the primary alternative, cellular agriculture companies are increasingly seeking to create more “authentic” and “real” replacements by harvesting cells in a lab. Read about how and why in our deep dive on the Future of Cellular Agriculture.

Tobias Citron, Radicle at 2018 New Harvest Conference

Tobias Citron, Radicle, presenting at the 2018 New Harvest Conference.

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We present our view of the cellular agriculture market, including perspectives on the size of the opportunity for startups.

Bottoms up market sizing!

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We combine insights gathered from conversations with startup founders with analysis of our proprietary data sets to present unique insights on this market.

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New Harvest provided underwriter support for this research, but Radicle retained editorial independence. All information presented in the report represents the work and viewpoints of Radicle solely.

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